An established health advice e cigarette helpline company in UK, we believe in responsible action as a business. Many people want to know whether e cigs are really a healthier alternative to normal cigarettes and whether they contain no health hazards at all. To enumerate the dry facts here, e-cig products give one the chance of enjoying nicotine vapour recreationally and these products do not contain the harmful substances such as carcinogens, tar, and carbon monoxide, substances that are found in real cigarettes. In view of this, it can perhaps safely be said that electronic cigarettes are indeed a healthful alternative when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Having said that, we must also mention that this is not a medically advised product and we do not claim the products to be a stop smoking aid. Many people have indeed stopped smoking cigarettes after starting to use electronic cigarette and we would like to stress the fact that no scientific study as of yet has proved any decidedly harmful effect of e-cigarettes. E cigarettes are also not counted as tobacco products by UK law, so one can use the products almost anywhere, at pubs, restaurants, cars, offices and public places.

A look at the basic process of e cig vapour production will give you a better idea of the whole thing. The body or the tank of the e-cig contains three main components. These are the battery, the atomiser, and the cartridge which contains the e liquid. The battery helps to charge the atomiser and once the coil inside the atomiser is heated up, it serves to transform the liquid nicotine contained in the cartridge into white nicotine vapour. So, there is no burn or smoke involved in the whole process.

You do not get rid of your nicotine addiction from using e version of the cigarette. However, when one considers that a normal cigarette contains as many as 4,800 different chemicals, it is not difficult to see why we advertise our products as a healthier alternative. You may also want to consider cost benefits of electronic cigarette products. According to our estimate, someone who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes each day will spend a minimum of £2,734 a year on the habit. On the other hand, an e-cig user or a ‘vaper’ will spend no more than £650 each year for an equivalent amount of smoking, or vaping. This money will buy the following items– one starter kit, 2 batteries, 15 atomisers, 70 bottles of e-liquid and 12 tanks.